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Doodles Day Nursery,

28 St Thomas's Road, Chorley, PR7 1HX

Tel: 01257 262567



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We understand that a child’s eating habits and preferences are formed in early life and that it why it is important to offer children food that encourages healthy eating habits in young children.

All our chefs hold a Food and Hygiene Level 2 qualification and follow the ‘Safer Food, Better Business for Caterers’ document by the Food Standards Agency.    

We are committed to ensuring children have a healthy and balanced diet and lifestyle to support their growth and development, so we have created a three-week menu that incorporates nutritional meals and snacks that provides appropriate amounts of energy and nutrients. All our meals are home cooked by our chefs on the premises and we cater for all dietary and allergy requirements, including babies on their weaning journey.

Fresh drinking water is available for children at all times and we provide whole, skimmed and soya milk for an alternative drink option at snack times.   

Babies who still require breast or formula milk, parents are required to supply this.

We always use food products with reduced salt, sugar, saturated fat content and artificial additives, flavourings and colours. We try to always use seasonal fruit and vegetables to make a positive contribution to the economy and environment. During the spring, Children and staff begin to plant fruit and vegetables within the garden. We aim to also be sustainable by having a food compost bin and reuse any cardboard packaging/tubes as open ended resources for the children.

Mealtimes are a social event for all our children, staff sit with the children to engage within conversation and support children. Staff are always educating children on how to make healthy life choices.

Throughout the year we often make small updates to our menu, to ensure children are being introduced to new and different foods. The children are involved within this process, using their ideas and suggestions. The children also enjoy helping to prep and prepare new and exciting meals to try! 

Please take a look at our sample menu.



The following meals are provided:


Full Time:

Full Days:




Sessional Days:

Child Care, Child Care Chorley, Child Care Adlington, Child Care Bolton, Pre-School, Looking after babies in chorley, Nurseries in chorley

Breakfast , Snack, Dinner, Snack, Tea  

Breakfast , Snack, Dinner, Snack, Tea

AM session Breakfast, snack, dinner

PM session Snack and tea


Breakfast, Dinner or Snack & Tea




Menu collage



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